Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blog Post # 6

screen shot of This is How We Dream Part 1

This Is How We Dream, Part 1&2 by Dr. Richard E. Miller was yet another set of videos that made me feel like I am very behind in things. The way he showed writing evolving so fast left me second guessing the last papers and reports that I have turned in.

I have to agree with him when he points out that, how much more compelling is a report that includes video, audio, visual aids, as well as text, all of which can be posted online so that not only can your teacher and classmates can see but the whole world, compared to a simple text document. If you were trying to get out valuable information you would more than likely reach a lot more people and have genuine interest with this new way of writing vs. the old word processor way.

To answer the question as to if I write this way, the answer unfortunately is not enough as I should. Do I think my students will write this way? Most definitely, and I would not consider myself a good future teacher if I was not catching up and learning the same things my students will be doing. I cannot expect quality work from students if I am not already giving that myself.

Screen shot of The Networked Student video

The similarities between The Networked Student video, by Wendy Drexler, and this EDM310 class seem very similar. I understand that "The Networked Student" could even be taking it a step further than we are but I think Dr. Strange is teaching us how to use many of the same tools.

In the video the question is raised as to why does the networked student even need the teacher? The answers did not surprise me but reminded me as to what teaching is all about. The teacher is there to guide, encourage, help when needed, advice, and empower the students with the tools that they need to learn. The networked student's teacher is not cramming information down the student's neck but rather showing them how to find information, request help, and share their knowledge with the world.

I absolutely love this video. I personally am a a person that learns and retains the most when I have spent the time to research and find out for myself. I'm not sure if that is because I feel it is even more valuable since I have spent the blood, sweat, and tears working on it or if I feel that it's more rewarding to find out new things on my own. However, as all students I still like the reinforcement of a teacher telling me if I'm doing a good or bad job, someone I can go to for advice, and simply a guide on how to get started and to keep me on the right track.

Michael Wesch's video Toward a New Future of Whatever was very interesting. I particularly liked his history of the word "whatever" as well as "meh". I definitely see we are experiencing the things he talks about everyday. In school students still seem to have the "whatever" or "meh" attitude in one of it's many meanings. This attitude makes it a challenge for teachers to present students with material that they feel passionate about or at the very least a decent amount of interest in because there are so many other stimulating things in the generation that we live in. However, as teachers this is ultimately our job.

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  1. I would like to teach a course where everyone (students and "networked teachers" worked on projects which produced products like those envisioned by Dr. Miller. It sound like you would be interested in that also!

    Your comments about the future teacher are right on! Well done!

    Good question! How do we excite our students in learning. we will never do it if we do not use their technologies!

    Thoughtful. Well written.

    Keep up the good work!