Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Before this class I have never really thought about using podcasts as a potential learning tool. Let me just say that my eyes have been opened. I'm beginning to learn that every single piece of technology holds the potential for some sort of educational purpose, you just have to find it.

After exploring the list of websites given by Dr. Strange I have a whole new outlook on podcasts. They can be a fun new way for students to do reporting on subject matter and if teachers have lectures or assignments recorded then they are always available to the students and not just during class time. Also it gives the parents a chance to get involved and know what's going on with their children.

A picture of the Eagle Nest Radio Class

The Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog is a perfect example of students using podcasts to further learning, use creativity, and have fun in the process. This was a podcast made by 3rd graders on the things they were learning about the ancient Romans.

I was amazed at the ability and creativity that these students showed and the amount of detail they were able to put into this podcast. Also the teacher that assigned this should be commended for taking the initiative for wanting the children to learn about podcasting and incorporated their class work as well. I can guarantee these children will never forget the facts they used to make this fun podcast.

Another set of amazing students are shown in the Langwitches Blog. This group of students took what they were learning about space and the solar system and created an entertaining and fact filled podcast. The teacher of this class asked another teacher to come in and show the students all about podcasting and creating a storyboard and the students took the knowledge and ran with it.

The podcast tells a creative little story, made up by the children, about space and the solar system but the catch is that all the facts that the students have to use in the podcast. It showed real creativity of not only the students way of showing their knowledge of the material but it also is a fun way to teach other students the same material.

So after seeing these podcasts I wondered, where to find great podcast like these? The Education Podcasting Network was a helpful website to answer this question.

This website is a library of sorts on educational podcasts that can be used for education. There are podcasts on practically everything, like mathematics, english, technology, and even theatre and drama. I will definitely be referring back to this website in the future when I begin teaching.

If you are still wondering about the benefits of podcasting, a how-to guide, or any other basic information, Judy Sharf Podcast Collection is a great website to visit. I found so much of this website helpful. There is info on what is a podcast, how to podcast, sample timelines for podcasts, and even sample assignments for student's podcasts.

Overall I feel very enlightened on yet another piece of technology available to us as teachers and students. I'm excited about this new knowledge and tool to put in my teaching belt.


  1. I am excited as well! The technology today is outstanding. I wish I could of have had the same opportunity when I was in elementary school. The Eagle Nest Radio was my favorite podcast. The students were so excited about leaning as well as being able to use their creativity at the same time.

  2. First of all, your blog looks great! Your posts are well organized and your use of pictures, links and video is outstanding.

    As you pointed out a podcast can be a very useful teaching tool. I really like your idea of having students use a podcast to report on subject matter. In the right situation you could use pod-casting as an option for students to do a specific assignment. Instead of writing a paper or taking a test students could produce a podcast that would demonstrate what they have learned.

    Outstanding work Christina! Keep it up. SS

  3. Kia ora Christina
    I am stopping by to say thank you (kia ora) for your generous contribution to the literacy learning of students from Pt England School. The fact that you gave some of your time to listening to their podcasts and also giving them appropriate feedback is VERY significant in the lives and learning of these students. You have affirmed that reading is a valuable activity and that it is worthwhile sharing their ideas because people actually DO listen.
    I wish you all the best in this course and in your teaching career. I am sure you will be one of the good ones :)
    Dorothy Burt

  4. Thoughtful. Well written. I hope you also will become a podcasting teacher.

    Note the post from Dorothy Burt above. She is the eLearning Director for Pt. England School. If I had to pick one school in the world that I would say is doing the best job in the world with technology, Pt. England would be that school. You should feel honored by her comment! Their podcasts are on their "station" KPETV.

  5. Thank You so much Ms. Burt! I feel so honored that you took the time to visit my blog. I very much enjoyed the students' podcast radio show. They showed an amazing amount of knowledge, creativity, and effort was put into each one. I was definitely inspired to learn more and continue my learning experience in teaching and technology after visiting the students' blogs.

    Thank you again!