Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Comments4Teachers #2

My C4T #2 assignment was to follow Mr. Larry Ferlazzo's blog and respond to his most recent posts. I found that the majority of his posts were pointed in the direction of getting out useful websites and information to other teachers. It was very informative and I did find a lot of useful information and you might want to check it out here.

These are the comments I left for Mr. Ferlazzo on the blogs that I read.

Hi Mr. Ferlazzo,
My name is Christina Motes and I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama, Mobile AL. I am currently pursuing my degree in secondary education and mathematics there at the university. As part of an assignment for EDM310 I will be following your blog for the next several weeks and then summarizing my visits and comments on my own personal blog.
I had no idea that something like Docs Teach from the National Archives was available but I am glad that I can now add that to my list of available teaching tools. I visited the page and was quite impressed and can’t wait until I can use this. I am learning everyday about all the technological tools available for teachers to use. Thank you so much for posting such helpful websites.
Christina Motes
My Blog
EDM310 Class Blog

Hi Mr. Ferlazzo,
My name is Christina and I am part of Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class, I have posted on one of your previous blogs.
Thanks for another helpful website to check out. In the EDM310 class I am required to do student blogging myself and this was very insightful on why we are completing these assignments. If at all possible in my future teaching opportunities in mathematics I will incorporate student blogging.
Thank You,
Christina Motes

Hi Mr. Ferlazzo,
Thanks again for this useful post. I went to your “Best Applications for Annotating Websites list” and found all the information very helpful there. I am a student myself so any tools that help with studying and learning are greatly appreciated.
~Christina Motes~

Also after my first comment Mr. Ferlazzo immediately emailed me and this was his response:


I hope you find the blog useful, and wish you well in your career!


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