Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Favorite Teacher


  1. Christina,

    I would love to know your feelings on homeschool. Do you feel like you missed out on the "normal" events of childhood by not attending public school? Was it a rough transition from homeschool to college?

  2. Hi Martha,
    No I don't feel like I missed out an any "normal" events. Actually I stayed very involved. I played city league sports, I was actively involved with 4h(while in lower grades), I was involved with the youth group in church, I volunteered on politcal campaigns in highschool, and many more things.
    As far as the transition from homeschool to college, that was fairly easy. I think I already had a good grasp of time management and studying on my own.
    Honestly I don't feel any different than I think I would have if I had went to public school, but feel free to ask any questions that you like!
    I definitely don't think homeschooling is for everyone but it worked pretty well for me.

  3. Wonderful. You mother always "raised the bar." You will learn more about what that means when you watch Randy Pausch's Last Lecture.