Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blog Post 8

What I've Learned This Year by Mr. McClung is a post that I feel beginning teachers should all read. You could learn a lot by these simple facts that Mr. McClung has learned in his first year of teaching.

In the post he talks about how some beginning teachers are so worried about being rated by their superiors that they sometimes lose focus as to how to read their actual audience which is in fact the students. At the end of the day we should be more worried about what the students walked away from our lesson with than how our superiors are rating us. If our students are learning, and enjoying while they learn, aren't we doing our jobs as teachers?

Another point that Mr. McClung made was that we need to remember to be flexible. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world and so our lesson plans do not always go as smooth and perfect as when we plan them. This isn't something to become frustrated with we just have to simply learn that this is inevitable and how to take it in stride.

"Be Reasonable" This simple statement holds quite a bit of meaning. I think that teachers should set high expectations for their students but not so high as they are unattainable. Think of how frustrated you would be if there were always these goals set before you but you just simply couldn't quite reach them even though you were doing your very best. You wouldn't keep trying for long if no matter what you still failed. Students will be the same way. If we set the expectations too high they will eventually quit trying all together. Set the goals in an attainable range and praise their good work and they will be more likely to take on even harder work in the future.

I think all new teachers could learn a lot from this post, because I sure did and I am not yet a teacher.

Thank You Mr. McClung for your insight and help.


  1. Hey! I too agree with you that we, as future teachers, have to be flexible. I once had a teacher that was not reasonable at all. I remember dreading her class and worrying so many times that I didn't have everything exactly right. This was in middle school! Knowing what I know now about teaching, I want to go back to that teacher and scream in her face...BE REASONABLE with your students! You are going to be a great teacher!!!

  2. Christina,

    Your statement ... If our students are learning, and enjoying while they learn, aren't we doing our jobs as teachers? ... is very interesting because that is the approach that Dr. Strange took with this course and it has worked out better than anyone imagined. We have to keep in mind that the learning is the key component of our classes and that should be the focus. If you have to move outside of the box to get that done then so be it!