Wednesday, June 23, 2010


screen shot of Miss T's Class Blog

My first C4K assignment was Jordan's Blog from Miss T's Classroom.

Miss T's Classroom blog is for her 5 and 6 year students in New Zealand. The page was designed to get the parents involved and keep them involved with what their children are doing at school as well as a local place for information for the students.

Jordan's Blog was very interesting. He had reviews of books that he was reading as well as just videos that were important to him in some way, whether that be just as entertainment or something he saw a message in. I commented on Jordan's blog telling him how much I enjoyed my visit there and of the good work that I thought he was doing. I also included a few things about myself like where I was from, where I was attending school, EDM310, as well as a link to my blog.

This was a great experience of seeing students using technology.

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