Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blog Post 10

screen shot of 7th graders PLE video

I found watching the video Welcome to my PLE very helpful. This video was from a 7th grader giving a tour of her personal learning environment. Since I have been kind of stuck on what to do with my own PLN i found this video both interesting and useful. I have been just using my web browsers bookmarking or top sites and then searching for connections on twitter, but I noticed that the student was using Symbaloo. I went to that website and checked it out and I do think I will definitely be using this in addition to my delicious account.

I am proud to say that I have learned something from this 7th grade student and will be applying what I've learned for my assignments for this class.

screen shot of Two Questions that can change your life

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life by Daniel Pink was a very thought provoking video. In this video two questions were posed: 1. What's my sentence? and 2. Was I better today that yesterday? These two simple questions are very powerful. I can come up with so many sentences that I hope can be mine some day in the future as well as am always hopeful that I am always better today than I was yesterday.

My sentence : "I am trying to become the best teacher possible and impact the lives of every student that I teach."


  1. This 7th grader is well organized. Her learning environment is impressive. Just remember, a PLN can include many environments.

    Excellent sentence. I think this is something that you will revise regularly. I would like for my sentence to be "He always put others first." Unfortunately I don't always live up to that one. This is where the second question comes in handy.

    Your blog looks great Christina. I like your use of links and you have your alt and title tags on your graphics. Keep up the good work. SS

  2. I think this 7th grader has really gotten started with a good habit, and I think when we start our PLN, we will use this from now on.

    I really like your sentence and I know that after this class you will be able to accomplish this in your teaching career. I agree with Mr. Sullivan, your blog does look really good and I hope you can make your sentence happen!