Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is the interview I did with Beth Paris, a recent graduate of Union University with her degree in Early Childhood Development and Education.

In the interview Beth began by telling a little about herself and then goes on to explain her experiences with technology being used during her college experience. She explains that powerpoint and smartboard presentations was the majority of what was used and she wished more would have been used by the teachers.

I then asked Beth about her experience during her student teaching. She explained that she used a Promethean board a lot and was able to use interactive games in class. Also she said that the senior teacher used playstations to play educational games during small group times.

Next I asked Beth her plans for her future class and if she planned to use technology in her class room. She quickly responded that she would be using any technology that was available to her depending on the funding of the school. She mentioned that there is still a lot of technology that she feels she needs to make herself familiar with but that will be a learning experience during her teaching time and that she will definitely be learning and implementing it as much as possible.

Of course the last question I asked was did she think teachers should be technologically literate. She answered definitely yes that teachers should be utilizing any tool available therefore any technology readily available teachers should take the time to learn to use it and teach the students because technology is being used more and more everyday and we as teachers have to keep up.


  1. I apologize if the sound isn't working correctly. I was using Screentoaster and Skype together and for some reason the sound seems to come and go... not sure what the problem is but I am trying to fix it.

  2. You gave a valiant effort and I bet you learned some cool stuff along the way. Other than the issues you had with utilizing Screentoaster and Skype together, how did you like Screentoaster? Your interview was very interesting. Your blog reflects a job well done.

  3. Good summary. Were you directly connected to the internet or using Wi-Fi? If Wi-Fi that is probably the reason the sound was low and jerky. The computer was trying, but to no avail.

    Good recovery! Thanks. The summary told us what we wanted to know. Try a direct ethernet connection next time.