Monday, July 26, 2010

Final Blog Post for EDM310

EDM310 was a very different class than I expected. I was challenged, put on the spot, and learned how to think for myself. I am thankful for every minute spent on this class. I will admit however that it was stressful at times just simply for the vast amount of "stuff" to do during such a short semester. However, I am very confident that this class has made me a better student and hopefully will make me a better teacher.

I learned many useful things during this course such as the importance of blogging, how-to blog correctly, developing a PLN, how to create impacting presentations, podcasts, and videos. That was just naming a few things. I think drawing from the comments4teachers was probably the most useful thing to me. It was really encouraging and helpful to see the thoughts of other teachers and to kind of have a leg up by drawing on their experiences already. Also watching the videos and podcasts made by students was really inspiring to be the best teacher possible to enable my students to also reach their full potential.

There are a couple of things that I would tell other students thinking of taking EDM310. Be prepared to work, be prepared to learn, and be prepared to be impressed by other people. It is a very interesting and meaningful class that I personally think any teacher should be required to take. As we can see society is evolving everyday therefore the school system has to learn how to evolve as well in order to keep up and maintain the interest of the students.

Also I would recommend students to take the course during the spring or fall if at all possible just simply so they can enjoy the interaction with the students during the C4K projects.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my EDM310 experience (instructors as well as students)!!!

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  1. And thank you for your many contributions. I agree with the summer/fall recommendation. But not just for C4K. It is a lot to digest in just 8 weeks. This summer class worked much better than I feared, however. Maybe I need to listen to myself since in several instances I urged students to think about the positives rather than the negatives.

    Stay involved! There's the Alumni Blog; more exciting activities we are dreaming up; lots of commenting possibilities for the EDM310 students' posts next semester. You could even just drop by the lab and say "Hi".

    All the best!