Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Post 11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class

I was absolutely floored while watching Ms. Cassidy's Class Video. The amount of knowledge these young children contained and not only knew about but could also implement and use in learning was astounding. It seems that every time I think I'm learning a lot in this class I find something like this video that makes me realize how much more I have to learn.

I also watched the skype video that Ms. Cassidy had with the EDM310 class from last semester.

Ms. Cassidy has taught her 1st grade students how to plan and create videos, maintain a blog, use wikis, and complete a majority of their homework using some sort of technology. I particularly liked that she even implemented their Nintedo DS' in class!!

I have struggled during this class with the question of how I will use all the things I have learned and be a technology literate teacher teaching math. As I've thought about it I've been slightly discouraged because I just wasn't coming up with many ideas how to mesh mathematics and technology (excluding calculators of course). After listening to Ms. Cassidy answer questions for other EDM310 students I am now encouraged. I'm starting to have ideas about posting assignments using Google Docs, having a class blog where I can post links to notes, homework changes, extra study times, and youtube videos that have been created just for math!

So thank you Ms. Cassidy, watching these videos have not only been informative but also uplifting.

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  1. I am also amazed at how much these kids know. They know more about using media technology on the computer than I did when I started this class. I think that no matter what subject you teach you will be able to use many things we have learned in this class. I'm glad you're not so discouraged anymore. Keep up the good work!