Wednesday, July 14, 2010


screenshot of my symbaloo

Well first of all let me start this by saying that my PLN is definitely complete nor do I ever expect it to be. I think that a PLN evolves over time and can never stop growing. So far I've been using the sites that we have learned about in this class and going from there.

I chose to use symbaloo as you can see from the picture above to keep all my sites organized. In this I have links to twitter, facebook, delicious, my class blog, edm310 blog, youtube, etc. This was just a simple way to have everything at my fingertips one click away. I used delicious to bookmark sites, videos, and commentaries I found interesting such as Mr. McClung's World, The Fisch bowl, and many others. Also on twitter I was able to find Ms. Cassidy, Sir Ken Robinson, Karl Fisch, Discovery Education, and The US Dept. of Education and became followers of all of them and others.

Working on this project has definitely been eye opening to see all the possibilites of connections to be made all over the world that is simply a click away.

As I said this is something that I will constantly be updating and using.

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  1. Hi Christina!

    I agree that a PLN "evolves over time" and is continuously growing. I really like symbaloo and used it for my PLN. Thanks for the information about following the US Dept. of Ed. on twitter. I will add them to my list of groups to follow. Keep up the good work!